About companyPE "Slavutich-Tara" - was founded in 1993. Since 2014 our company producing feed supplements based on brewing waste (brewer`s yeast, spent grain). Nowadays, the company is one of the most successful Ukrainian manufacturers of feed supplements. Our production has well proved and have steady demand, both in the market of Ukraine, and in the European Union countries (Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.). Our suppliers of raw materials for our products are the largest Ukrainian breweries. Our company realises 6500 tons of production monthly, the quality of which is confirmed by tests of accredited Ukrainian and European laboratories.

Production is characterised by a high protein content - this was achieved by developing and implementing our own technology of drying beer yeast and spent grain. Our central office is located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Our team is comprised of skilled professionals. We solve all arising questions qualitatively and operatively. We are aware of the importance and responsibility of our work. It is important for us that each of our customers is confident that the right product of high quality in the required quantity will be delivered in accordance with the schedule of feeding. We can proudly say that we have not failed a single customer during our work.