Raw spent grain

Raw spent grain - a product obtained in the process of beer production, after brewing and wort pressing. Used as feed for farm livestock. The structure of the spent grain includes shells and crushed particles of barley and malt. It has a thick consistency with a coarsely ground grain structure. Spent grain  has a light brown color, a sweetish taste and smell of malt.

Spent grain is a valuable high protein food supplement with a protein level of 26-30% (by absolute dry matter), as well as important microelements, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, fatty acids and E and F vitamins.

For feeding animals, the following recommended daily rates exist in the form of a feed component:

  • for dairy cows - 8-15 kg/day;
  • for pigs - up to 5 kg/day;
  • for sheep, horses - 1-2 kg/day.

Reliable results of experiments show that when being fed to fattened calves, the spent grain increases their gain in weight by 14%. The use of recommended doses does not lead to any deviations in the health of animals. It allows to save on consumed mixed fodder: when including the spent grain in the diet of cattle you can reduce the cost of livestock weight gain by 9%.